Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A few more pix of CQs

 The focus fabric on this one is a fave with me. I love all different types of buttons. They remind me of digging through my mom's and aunts' button boxes.
 I used some recycled ties for this CQ. They have a lot of cool patterns. Both sides usable for different light or dark pattern.
So here are 4, yes 4!, crazy quilt squares. Woohoo!! and likewise, Woot woot! The top CQ is my May entry, the 2nd is for December, the 3rd for September, and the 4th for November. The last pic is my cute grandkid Fiona who was with me when I took the last set of pix. She has her daddy's eyes!


  1. The 4x4s are fabulous but I'd much rather you send me the beautiful granddaughter! ;)

  2. She's gorgeous, isn't she! Sweet, too!