Monday, December 13, 2010

Nightowl posts more crazy quilt squares!

So here are three more crazy quilt squares. These have already flown the coop, on their way to my Yahoo group members of the Sparkly Chickens! I really like the little star bead with the face on it on the black and white square. I'm not sure which months these are for. I've lost track of which ones I've claimed to have made these for!
I'm adding in a picture of a quilt that I made from a layer cake from Moda, "Rouenierries". I used a pattern from Pam Lintott's book, 'Layer Cakes, Charm Squares and Jelly Rolls.' The book has lots of good ideas and pretty selections of fabric. I'm all about the fabric! I love the tiny 4" house blocks set wonky!
  Till next time, chickadees! Keep quilting!

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  1. These are the BJP entries for March, January and July. In the last post, the entry for September should be listed as October's! Sorry! Dang those confusing months!!